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Driven for and by the region, the Middle East Green Initiative brings together leaders to reduce climate change-related impacts. Facilitating knowledge transfer and exchange between countries, MGI is a catalyst for global impact, creating an economy of scale for climate action.

The Middle East’s green future has massive potential for economic diversification, job creation, and private sector investment. By putting the planet first, MGI creates opportunities beyond the environment.

New centers, programs, and initiatives
unveiled at the inaugural MGI Summit

Collaborate to accelerate implementation of the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) framework

Regional Hub for Climate Change

A regional carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration hub (GCC, with Iraq)

Regional Center for Early Storm Warning​

Regional Center for Sustainable Development of Fisheries​

Regional Cloud Seeding Program​

Investment to create a fund for Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) technology solutions

Regional Initiative for Clean Fuel Solutions for Cooking

Establishment of the Green Initiative Foundation, an independent non-profit body

SAR 39B to be invested in the regional initiative for clean fuel solutions for cooking and a regional CCE technology solutions fund, with KSA funding 15% of total investment

Cleaning plastics from oceans

The importance of reversing the effects of climate change is tangible across the Middle East and North Africa, where the impact of rising temperatures is already affecting livelihoods and opportunities.

By working together, nations can scale up climate commitments and deliver against clear targets designed to protect the planet and ensure a positive future for coming generations.

The Middle East Green Initiative will work to

Implementing energy efficiency programs

Plant 50 billion trees across the Middle East, equivalent to 5% of global afforestation target

Restoring an area equivalent to 200 million hectares of degraded land, helping reduce CO2 emissions by 2.5% of global levels

Developing carbon capture technology

Support the region to reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions equivalent to 10% of global contributions

Helping reduce CO2 emissions from regional hydrocarbon production by more than 60%

3 pillars define MGI’s strategic environmental aims



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