The Youth Green Summit works to equip young leaders in Saudi and beyond with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure a more sustainable future.

The Youth Green Summit features

Workshops on the future of climate action

Workshops on the future of climate action

Panels with leading youth activists

Panels with leading youth activists

Collaborative activities on climate policy

Collaborative activities on climate policy

Youth Green Summit 2021 Program

  • 10:00 – 10:25
    Opening Session – Testimonial from the Youth


    In an era of changes and transformations, young people can drive the discussion on how they want their future to look like. This session will present testimonials from young people working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s energy ecosystem. They will talk about how their work reflects their passion for creating a sustainable society, and how they contribute to achieving their country’s goals.

    • How can the national ecosystem support the growth of young voices?
    • How can I help shape decision making in this area?
    • How can the passion and energy of young people contribute to change-driven environments?
    • Noura Alissa, Senior International Policy Analyst, Ministry of Energy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Yehia Khoja, Advisor, Ministry of Energy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Nourah Alsudairy , Senior Research Associate, Clean Development Mechanism Designated National Authority, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Abdulaziz AlBarakah, Energy and Power Analyst, Ministry of Energy, Saudi Arabia

    Moderator: Najla AlSudairy, Policy and Awareness Officer, Oil Sustainability Program, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • 10:25 – 10:55
    Roles Reversed & Q&A


    As the rate of environmental damages increases across the globe, youth will face the worst effects. However, instead of being passive victims, young people across the globe are taking action to fight for a greener future at an unprecedented level. Through advocacy, education, and technology, they are mobilizing their efforts and their skills to move the needle on the most pressing environmental issues.

    • How should young people’s voices be amplified to shape the global response on climate change?
    • How are youth organizations and governments driving youth engagement on environmental challenges?
    • How can youth’s input be effectively included in decision-making processes?

    Roles Reversed & Q&A from audience

    • H.R.H. Abdulaziz Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Minister of Energy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • Eman Alhajji, President, Students for Sustainability, KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    MC: Sarah Cocker

  • 10:55 – 11:25


    There are so many ways in which we can have a positive impact: From the clothes we wear and the way we commute to being active members of local or international organizations. There is no one size fits all, but common for all engagement is that the impact will increase when you build y our knowledge of how you can make a difference as well as your social capital. Becoming a true changemaker holds the key to lead and inspire positive environmental behaviors with ripple effects at home and globally. What kind of changemaker do you want to be?

    • What are the small acts that can reduce our impact on the environment, and how can they lead to different levels of engagement?
    • What are successful models and tools for becoming a changemaker?
    • How can we inspire an environmental changemaker mindset in others what is your ripple effect?
    • Nisreen Elsaim, Chair, Sudan Youth Organization on Climate Change, Sudan
    • Julian Olivier, CEO, Raleigh International
    • Lojain Alkhursani, Senior Strategy and Sustainability Manager, PIF, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Moderator: Mashael Saud AlShalan, Co-founder, Aeon Collective, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • 11:25 – 11:55


    A wave of new technological innovations is helping us to better understand environmental challenges and to tackle them. And as new technologies are being developed, a number of initiatives are being created to encourage young entrepreneurs and innovators across the world to develop solutions e.g., using data science and machine learning for instance to address climate change.

    • How can we empower youth to meaningfully interact with technologies such as AI to address key environmental challenges?
    • What role should social media and digital platforms play in the conversation about climate change?
    • Tariq Al Olaimy, Co founder & Managing Director, 3BL Associates, Bahrain
    • Khizr Imran Tajammul, Founder & CEO, Jan Paak Entreprises, Canada
    • Mohammed Alkhalid, Founder & CEO, NABATIK, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Moderator: Dr. Hamad Aldraye, Curator, Riyadh Hub, Global Shapers Community, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • 12:00 – 13:15
    Workshop 1 – GROUP A

    SGI Pillars: Raising vegetation cover & reducing land degradation

    Initiative Focus: Plant 10 billion trees in KSA

    Partner: South Pole represented by Reinat Heuberger, Co founder & CEO

    • Leena Olaimy, Founder & CEO, Trillion Tree Fund, Bahrain
    • Eng.Razan Zuayter, Director, Sanabel Landscape Architecture, President Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN), Jordan
  • 13:15 – 14:30
    Workshop 2 – GROUP B

    SGI Pillar: Preserving marine life

    Initiative Focus: Protection, enhancement, and management of marine areas

    Partner: World Ocean Council represented by Paul Holthus, Founder & CEO

    • Taiba Alamoudi, Marine Science and Engineering Graduate Student, KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Workshop 3 – GROUP B

    SGI Pillar: Reducing carbon emissions

    Initiative Focus: Emission reduction and the Circular Carbon Economy

    Partner: KAUST represented by Dr. Ana Margarida Costa, Head of Sustainability,
    Office of the President and Natalia Odnoletkova, PhD student

    • Hanan Aljabr, Stakeholders and Partnerships Manager, PIF, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 14:30 – 16:30

    Participants will take part to a climate simulation designed to help them connect intellectually and emotionally with what it takes to achieve the Paris Agreement.

    • Dr. Tony Chan, President, KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Moderator: H.H. Princess Noura Bint Turki AlSaud, Co-founder, Aeon Collective, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • 16:30 – 16:45


    Education should provide us with the tools needed to make informed decisions, but the current pace of the environmental degradation suggests that we are not. Some argue that environmental education has failed us since it has failed to provoke action. Creating environmentally active citizens wh o c onsider themselves stewards of the planet takes more than just raising awareness; from childhood up until adulthood, it calls for a reshaping of education and skills.

    • How can we transform education to ensure sustainability is mainstreamed in all disciplines?
    • How to make STEM education relevant to the future challenges of climate change?
    • How can green skills be identified, anticipated and provisioned? How can governments re-orient their skills systems – from early childhood education, adult learning to labor market policies – so that they are aligned with their environmental ambitions?
    • H.H. Prince Mishari Al-Saud, Co-founder & Chairman, Environmental Development Association (Faseel), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • William McDonough, CEO, McDonough Innovation, United States
  • 16:45 – 17:15
    In Conversation & Live Performance


    How can the power of music be used to support the environment and raise environmental awareness? How can renewable energy amplify art? After addressing these questions, our speaker will perform several songs relevant to the YGS agenda.

    • AY Young, Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Battery Tour, USA

    Moderator: Mashael Saud AlShalan, Co-founder, Aeon Collective, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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